Azuri Real Estate Showcases Remarkable Progress and Sustainability Efforts of Gewan Island at Cityscape Qatar

Azuri Real Estate Showcases Remarkable Progress and Sustainability Efforts of Gewan Island at Cityscape Qatar

Azuri Real Estate Showcases Remarkable Progress and Sustainability Efforts of Gewan Island at Cityscape Qatar

Azuri Real Estate (ARE), the master developer of The Pearl and Gewan Islands, has highlighted significant progress in developing Gewan Island. These advances coincide with ARE's presentation of Gewan Island at the Cityscape Qatar exhibition, continuing until October 26 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Gewan Island is being developed as a modern living paradigm in Qatar, offering a lifestyle enhanced with intelligent city features and a strong focus on sustainability. This development is designed to attract discerning investors and provide long-term benefits for residents, visitors, and businesses.

Development Achievements:

As of the third quarter of 2023, significant headway has been made in the Infrastructure Works Package at Gewan Island. This includes completing all dry and wet services, nearing completion of pontoon works, and initiating paving works at Island Villas sidewalks. The infrastructure package is expected to be fully completed by the first quarter of 2024, with progress at about 91%.

The Mixed-Use Building Package has also seen substantial progress, with new contractors brought in to expedite interior finishes, commencement of kitchen appliance deliveries, and completion of main chilled water pipes flushing. The installation of main lifts for 15 buildings is complete, and façade works for four buildings are finished, bringing the overall façade completion rate to 50%. The installation of shades for Crystal Walkway and the start of complex and softscape elements are underway, with the completion of all 15 buildings anticipated between the second and third quarters of 2024, currently standing at 78%.

For the Hotel Package, which includes the Corinthia Hotel, 18 standalone villas, Gewan Golf Club, and Solymar Beach Club, the current development rate is about 26%. Each component has achieved significant milestones.

The Golf Course was completed in 2022 and is now open. Gewan Golf Club's indoor 'majlis' is also operational. The Hotel's main building structure and other architectural and MEP service works are expected to be completed by 2025. The Hotel is targeted for full completion and handover by 2025.

The 18 beachfront villas, managed by Corinthia Hotels, have been structurally completed, and other works are scheduled to be finished by the third quarter of 2024. The Solymar Beach Club's structural work is complete, with the remaining jobs projected to be finished by the third quarter of 2024. The Beach Club and chalets are set to be fully operational by the fourth quarter of 2024.

Sustainability Focus:

Gewan Island prioritizes sustainability, integrating various eco-friendly initiatives. This includes LED street lighting, which has significantly reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. A centralized district cooling system has been implemented to reduce emissions and energy consumption further.

Additionally, a state-of-the-art pneumatic waste management system promotes waste segregation and reduction. About 90% of the parking spaces are designed sustainably to minimize the heat island effect. The island also features 58 bicycle facilities and a well-planned pedestrian network with retail and dining options, promoting sustainable transportation and livability.

Gewan Island also addresses the urban heat island effect through green roofs, specific road and pavement colors, and greenery integration. Its strategic location supports water circulation and biodiversity. The mixed-use buildings are designed for optimal shading, reducing cooling requirements. ARE is expected to receive a Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) certification from the Gulf Organization for Research and Development (GORD) during Cityscape for sustainable building design and construction.

At Cityscape Qatar:

ARE's Cityscape pavilion showcases its commitment to sustainability, aligning with investor expectations. Crystal Residence is highlighted as a modern living exemplar, and visitors can explore retail leasing opportunities at the climate-controlled Crystal Walkway.

ARE remains committed to creating a comprehensive, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle on Gewan Island. It reflects its dedication to delivering a world-class destination aligned with Qatar's vision for a sustainable future.

Gewan Island:

Spanning 400,000 square meters, Gewan Island is an exemplar of sustainable living. It features Crystal Residence with over 586 residential units, luxurious amenities like Gewan Golf Club, Corinthia Hotel, Solymar Beach Club, a residents' Clubhouse, Banana Park, and Crystal Walkway shopping district.

These developments reflect ARE's commitment to setting new standards in real estate development and providing integrated lifestyle experiences. Doha-Qatar, October 24 2023