Affordable Housing Development

Building the Future, One Home at a Time.

Emerging from Qatar's heart, The Azuri Real Estate Group stands proudly as a beacon of affordable multifamily housing. Recently crowned by Affordable Housing Finance as Qatar's third-leading affordable developer, our mission is clear: crafting top-tier rental communities that cater to everyone, irrespective of their income bracket. Our properties are celebrated not only for their innovative design and energy efficiency but also for their unmatched amenities and sustainable longevity. Since our inception, Azuri Real Estate has spearheaded the creation of thousands of affordable homes nationwide, amounting to a project value surpassing $3 billion. Currently, we proudly oversee more than 120 thriving affordable communities.


Pioneering Partnerships with Purpose.

Not only are we leading developers in both 4% and 9% LIHTC projects, but we also excel in merging LIHTC equity with versatile financing solutions, bringing even the most intricate housing projects to life. Azuri Real Estate Group stands out as an innovator and preferred collaborator, joining forces with esteemed institutions like hospitals, nonprofits, public housing bodies, and more. Our goal? To build top-tier, safe, and affordable homes that actively contribute to enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Through Azuri Real Estate’s community-driven strategy, we consistently prioritize and embrace the involvement of every community stakeholder.