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Welcome to Azuri Estates, a premier real estate powerhouse in Qatar. We were founded in 2013, with an impressive authorized share capital of QR 1.5 billion and total assets valued at QR 7.4 billion as of June 2022, our journey is rooted in ambition and achievement. Since 2013, Azuri Real Estate Group has been driven by passion, committed to quality, and guided by integrity. Our company's success story is the work of a collaborative team of innovative experts and relentless problem solvers. Our mission is to leave the world better than we found it by developing communities, creating opportunities, and building trust. We appreciate all the awards, but our mission has never been about winning awards. It's about making a difference in people's lives. We work with public and private partners to create quality places that people, regardless of income, are proud to call home.

Our Journey

We've evolved from humble beginnings into a formidable player in Qatar's burgeoning real estate scene. Over the years, we've diversified our investment portfolio and added a variety of high-performing assets to our name. Through a fusion of strategic projects and commercial ventures, we've amassed significant expertise in real estate development, property management, district cooling, and even sectors like hospitality and maritime.

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Business Roadmap

Our five-year business blueprint aims to leverage our dominant position in the market to achieve enduring financial success. We remain committed to our core competencies while eyeing profitable and promising new real estate ventures.

Projects of Distinction

Our crowning achievement is The Pearl Island, an expansive mixed-use development 350 meters from Doha's lavish West Bay District. We're also in the throes of shaping Gewan Island. This property promises to be our next top-tier residential, commercial, and entertainment space.

Cryptocurrency Investments

In an industry-first, Azuri Estates is excited to offer investment options via cryptocurrencies. This pioneering initiative allows us to broaden our investment base and offer more flexible financial solutions to our shareholders.

Our Reputation

Our name is synonymous with quality and client satisfaction. Whether it's property sales, leasing, or consultation, our services are tailored to meet your unique requirements. Focusing on elite management services and brokerage, we continually set new benchmarks in the real estate industry.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to maintain our position as Qatar's premier real estate entity, accomplished by constantly upgrading our service offerings based on client feedback and market demands. To create exceptional homeownership opportunities for individuals and families, regardless of income.
Our vision is to disrupt the real estate industry norms and become the go-to choice in our operating regions.

Our Values

From day one, our leadership has focused on creating a team of A+ players and a culture where our mission and shared values guide our decisions and actions. From integrity to teamwork, from high performance to respect for the individual, we have always been focused on a higher purpose and making the world a better place.

Specialized Investment Strategies

We specifically target underutilized or mismanaged Class B and Class A- multi-family properties in burgeoning submarkets. Our extensive global network allows us to uncover valuable opportunities and create mutually beneficial deals.
Core Competencies Core Values Integrity Core Collaborative Qualities
- Owner's Mindset - Team Spirit - Open Communication
- Performance-Centric Approach - Professional Excellence - Individual Respect
- Comprehensive Expertise - Performance Agility - Goal Orientation
- Vigilant Risk Management - Enjoyable Work Environment

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