Market Rate Housing Development

Forging partnerships, cultivating trust.

Azuri Real Estate's Market Rate Housing Expertise

Starting its journey as a multifamily affordable developer, Azuri Real Estate ventured into the realm of market rate and moderate-income multifamily housing in 2008. Since then, we have pioneered the development of numerous customized market rate projects, encompassing thousands of units. Our investments, accumulating to billions in third-party capital, reflect our commitment to this sector. Our legacy lies not just in numbers but in our unwavering commitment to the local communities. Each development, celebrated for its aesthetic appeal and functionality, seamlessly integrates into its surroundings, resonating with the aspirations of its residents.


Pioneering Partnerships with Purpose.

Our success story is scripted by our dedicated team of experts who oversee projects from inception to completion. The seamless blend of their skills, fortified by state-of-the-art systems and processes, has placed Azuri Real Estate on a pedestal in the industry. A testament to our excellence, since 2014, we have introduced market rate developments worth over $3 billion under the Azuri Real Estate banner, securing impressive returns for our partners.

Pioneering Mixed-Income Developments

In an era where cities are keen on integrating affordable living options in new market rate multifamily projects, Azuri Real Estate emerges as the frontrunner. We harness the potential of moderate- and mixed-income ventures, dedicating specific apartment numbers at varied AMI percentages. This approach empowers housing authorities and fellow developers to amplify affordable housing opportunities, fostering long-term economic growth in regions that need it the most.