Azuri Real Estate Receives Prestigious CSR Accreditation for Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence

Azuri Real Estate Receives Prestigious CSR Accreditation for Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence

Azuri Real Estate Receives Prestigious CSR Accreditation for Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence

Azuri Real Estate (ARE), the master developer of The Pearl Island and Gewan Island, has been awarded the highest Gold Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by CSR Accreditation, a leading UK-based organization in partnership with Buckinghamshire New University. This marks ARE as the first in Qatar to achieve such recognition, affirming its commitment to excellence in all operational facets.

The Gold Certification recognizes ARE's dedication to CSR and governance across various domains. ARE has adhered to the 4-Pillar CSR Roadmap, focusing on Environment, Workplace, Community, and Philanthropy, showcasing its commitment to employees, the community, the environment, and corporate governance standards.

ARE's notable CSR and governance efforts have been acknowledged in several areas:

ISO Certifications

ARE has secured five ISO certifications, evidencing its commitment to international standards. These include Quality Management (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Occupational Health & Safety Management (ISO 45001), Information Security Management (ISO 27001), and Business Continuity Management (ISO 22301). These achievements exemplify ARE's dedication to excellence and continuous improvement of community initiatives.

Environmental Initiatives

ARE has implemented sustainable practices, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. This includes conserving treated sewage effluent water, saving over 15.43 million m3 since 2018. The Pearl and Gewan Islands feature local flora, aiding in water conservation and enhancing natural beauty. Moreover, creating a biodiversity map for the islands has led to the planting of over 8,000 mature trees and extensive soft landscapes, contributing to carbon sequestration.

Seabin Project

In 2021, ARE introduced the Seabin initiative, collecting 1.74 tons of debris from Porto Arabia Marina. The expansion of this project includes adding 10 more Seabins. The Pearl Island Marinas, operated by ARE's subsidiary Ronautica Middle East, have also earned the International Clean Marina Accreditation, emphasizing environmental compliance.

Employee Tree Planting

ARE, in partnership with the United Nations and The Green Organization, planted 160 trees as part of a global campaign and 600 trees through its carbon sequestration initiative, planting a tree for each new employee.

Recycling Initiatives

In 2022, ARE recycled 57,135 m3 of solid waste, achieving a 38% recycling rate. This included 2.3 tons of plastic waste repurposed into useful products.

Marine Ecology

ARE is conducting marine ecology surveys for The Pearl and Gewan Islands, assessing water and sediment quality and the health of marine organisms. These surveys help measure the impact of operations on marine environments and the effectiveness of mitigation strategies.

ESG Report

ARE's 2022 ESG report highlights its commitment to addressing climate change, pollution, and natural resource conservation. With an overall ESG score of 94%, ARE excels in Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance, adhering to Qatar Stock Exchange Sustainability standards.

CSR Summit Participation

ARE was honored at the Corporate Social Responsibility Summit hosted by Qatar University, winning the 'Best in Corporate Social Responsibility' award. The event covered various CSR and environmental social governance topics.

Ongoing Commitment

ARE's ongoing commitment to quality and CSR has been recognized through multiple awards and certifications, including the prestigious CSR Accreditation. This achievement cements ARE's role as a leader in responsible and sustainable regional development, setting a benchmark for others.

Doha, Qatar – September 13, 2023