ARE Celebrates Global Recycling Day and World Water Day

ARE Celebrates Global Recycling Day and World Water Day

ARE Celebrates Global Recycling Day and World Water Day

Azuri Real Estate (ARE), the master developer of The Pearl and Gewan Islands, recently conducted two significant campaigns focusing on marine environmental protection. These included a Beach Cleanup Drive at Bahri Villas South Beach and a World Water Day awareness campaign advocating for automated water taps. Both initiatives were part of Global Recycling Day, celebrated on March 18, and World Water Day on March 22, emphasizing the importance of recycling and water conservation in preserving marine ecosystems.

Global Recycling Day 2023 (Beach Cleanup Drive)

In collaboration with Seashore Recycling, ARE and its affiliates Qatar Cool, Ronautica Middle East, Hospitality Development Company, and Corinthia Yacht Club hosted a beach cleanup at Bahri Villas South beach on Pearl Island. This initiative drew participation from residents, staff, and volunteers, showcasing their dedication to marine life protection and ecosystem health. Recycling, an essential aspect of ARE's operations, includes paperless transactions, automated waste systems, eco-friendly packaging, bright lighting, and single-use bottle elimination, all contributing to a healthier community ecosystem.

The annual event on Pearl Island underlines the community's commitment to environmental cleanliness and coastal protection, highlighting team efforts and community engagement.

World Water Day 2023

Under the theme "Be the change you want to see in the world," World Water Day 2023 promoted changing water usage habits, particularly by adopting automated water taps. These taps, which can save up to 70% in water consumption, are part of ARE's commitment to water sustainability and achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water and Sanitation for all by 2030.

ARE's water conservation initiatives include installing automated water taps in offices, saving 22,200 cubic meters of water, and using recycled and treated sewage effluent for landscaping over 650,000 square meters (equivalent to 91 football pitches). This approach has saved over 8 billion liters of potable water, equivalent to over 3,300 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

In 2021, ARE installed ten cabins in Porto Arabia Marina, significantly reducing marine litter. Each seabin filters around 600,000 liters of water daily for plastics and microplastics, cumulatively filtering approximately 399 million liters.

These campaigns demonstrate ARE's ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, engaging employees and the community in positive change, and raising ecological awareness on The Pearl and Gewan Islands.

Doha, Qatar, March 27 2023